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Our e-learning solution has emerged from pure students needs. As Christiaan, our founder and CEO tells, eFaqt came to be as part of his personal struggle to overcome self-studying problems and understand learning. So, eFaqt comes from personal, academic experience. This makes it all more interesting that our product gains such popularity within the corporate learning environment.

In the US the trend is blooming. Karen O’Leonard from Bersin & Associates research group blog writes about the recent trends in corporate social learning. She notes that although the systems are not that widespread,

The figure was highest among large businesses, 42% of which spent money on informal learning during the year. Among industries, a greater number of technology companies and business services/consulting firms spent money on these tools.

This ties in well with our own experience, where the largest companies can allow themselves to be innovative and daring. We are especially pleased with our cooperation with the international energy giant Shell. They have recently begun implementing eFaqt as their corporate learning system, as can be seen on

No need to say, we’re quite proud of it and just hope that many more will come :)

Shell logo

eFaqt and Shell cooperation


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