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Good news for all our users! We have updated the eFaqt search engine. It allows you to improve your studying even more. You can now search all our 300.000+ summaries through different filters.

So what do you do when you are looking for a summary for, let’s say, statistics?

First of all, there are a couple of options when it comes to selecting the source of your summary. You either search in the complete eFaqt library or find that your friends may have the perfect summary. In the latter you may look in their personal library to see if there is something you need. There are more than 110.000 users to choose from!


Second, if you are looking for a specific source for your statistics summary, just check the boxes with the material you are searching for! There are many options, like books, notes, slides, articles and cases.

A filter containing “All”, “free” or “premium summary” is another way to select summaries. There are three boxes to choose from, like in the picture below.

Finally, you can select different languages for your summary. When you have statistics in English, just check the box with “English” and you will have the study material in the desired language.


The new search engine provides many ways to find what you need. Log on to the eFaqt website now to try it yourself and improve your search with the new options. Good luck with your next exam!



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