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Microsoft has launched its new
“Partners in Learning”-tool in the Netherlands.

The tool shows schools and teacher their progress with innovative teaching methods. With these methods, students learn the skills they need to function in the contemporary digital information society. Among these skills, the so-called “21th-century skills’, are; creativity and innovation, critical analytic thinking, collaboration, problem-solving abilities, self-management, communication, and ICT-knowledge.

Educators and education leaders around the world are looking for ways to improve learning and transform education to better prepare youth for the challenges of life and work in the 21st century. However, most schools and educators do not yet have common definitions of the new skills students need. More importantly, a clear understanding or examples of how to develop these skills in their students are currently lacking.

Partners in Learning School Research is a set of research tools that schools can use to get a data-driven, action-oriented report with concrete examples of how your school can develop its innovative teaching and learning practices to develop students’ 21st Century skills.

Microsoft works together with Dutch education institutions, like KennisNet, VO-raad and CITO to implement this tool in the Dutch school system. There are three ways to teach kids the important skills:
– More focus on the schoolkids and students
– Expand the teaching process to outside the school
– The use of ICT in education

We are very curious to see the impact of this new tool in Dutch education.


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