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I ran into an interesting post today by Mary McConnell where she quotes e-learning research that makes the claim of “Online learning appears to be a classic disruptive innovation with the potential not just to improve the current model of education delivery, but to transform it”.

I’ve followed the link back to the research itself. The study cases themselves were interesting, but what caught my attention was the use of the term “disruptive” to describe e-learning. I know it’s a buzz term, propagated by Techcrunch and the like, but is it such a good term for learning? for education in general? Does “disrupting” education is what we need?

“Blended learning” is good – it encompasses the multiplicity required to do education in both traditional and online environment. I also agree that there are problems that should be addressed with today’s studying techniques. We should be careful with the future of our students. Enhancing education – Yes. Disrupting – No.



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