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2016 was a fantastic year for our team, and for this occasion we have made a list of all the wonderful things that happened with eFaqt this year. We would like to thank all our users, investors, partners, and friends who supported us! 2017, here we come!

1. 50 000 new students joined the platform

This year was truly the year of growth at eFaqt. From the initial 80 000 user we grew to 130 000 users ! This growth is not only due to reaching more users in the Netherlands. For the first time, a large part of our students comes from abroad. Compared to last year, the percentage of international students grew from 20% to 40%, from which American students already stand for more than 10%. 

2. Dutch and International recognition

In 2016, eFaqt has proved its place among the hottest European education technology start ups. We have joined the ranks of the top Dutch edtech companies as part of the TheDutchSchool initiative. Later, in the autumn, our founders Timon Rutten and Chris Henny introduced eFaqt at the most important education conferences in the US (Educause) and  Singapore (EdtechAsia). In 2017, we have big plans to further tighten our relationship with our international partners such as Pearson and ESTIEM.

3. Strong focus on content

At the moment, eFaqt contains more than 300 000 summaries from various languages, education levels and subjects and over 5 millions flashcards & notes. To help our users navigate such a large data base of summaries, we undertook multiple projects. A few months ago we have released a new search engine that allows visitors and user to browse and preview the entire library of eFaqt. Besides that, a key improvement of user experience was the introduction of Premium (certified quality) summaries. These summaries have been carefully selected, created and labeled to help our users identify the best available content for their needs. 

4. New features & design

During the summer we worked hard to surprise our users with a new, better study experience. This project included the launch the new practice tool which enables our users to more thoroughly review their summaries and more realistically judge their knowledge. Recently, eFaqt also received a design “face-lift” to better our fit the young, energetic, mobile first audience.

5. Plans for 2017

Although we are very happy when looking back at 2016, the story of eFaqt is not complete yet. To be able to keep up with the ever changing education trends, we need to also constantly adjust. Our main goal for the next year is to enable the seamless integration with other platforms such as learning management systems. Of course, next to improving the usability of the platform we also would love to make the wishes of our users happen soon e.g. by allowing video materials to be added to eFaqt.

We hope to see you all in also in 2017!


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