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Well, it’s been a while since I posted, being overwhelmed by this “life” thing that tends to creep on you suddenly. But anyway, I ran into an interesting post today. Apparently, women in Australia have almost 50% more chance to attain higher education than their male counterparts. the study took place for 9 years and have also shown that women have higher chance of studying abroad and not dropping out.

I found myself thinking: in our still too male-dominated world, how come such a massive qualitative edge is not translated into better positions, higher salaries, more representation on the market? The answer, for me at least, is the preference of ambition over achievement, and the value given to grades over knowledge.

From my personal experience, girls always study better, input more effort and are more organized in studies. So how come boys still take lead roles all-too-often? I asked a female friend on her opinion and then she said that the problem for girls is time management and summary skills. In her opinion, boys have a better grasp of what is important and what is not, effectively managing their study time, while girls tend to spend a lot of time and effort of summarizing and getting lost in the details.
While I do not necessarily agree with her, I do think that effective time management is a key success to studying. I often found myself reading another chapter or another article instead of writing the paper I need to – just because I didn’t have the energy to write and convinced myself that this is “almost good enough”.

So to all the girls and boys out there who, like me, are having trouble focusing on the task of managing their time effectively during studies, I suggest doing some experimentation with eFaqt’s study, break and concentration timer. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and like many other things, studying takes time to master. You can customize your study session in eFaqt using the tools (gears) button on the top right side. Try setting different time frames while you summarize, and see when do you stop being effective and just read for the sake of reading. Good luck!

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