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2015 is almost over, and in the last hours of the year we took a moment to list all the great things happened with eFaqt. We would like to thank all our users, investors, partners, and friends who supported us! In 2016, to the infinity and beyond!


1. Big Funding
eFaqt raised 2 million euro to help students study faster and remember more. With the support of our investors we managed to fuel the growth of our user base and to create brand new study features.

eFaqt received 2 million euro funding


2. New team
We have grown a lot in terms of people and skills. Timon, our new CEO joined us in the beginning of the year, Radik joined our development team, and recently Mark, Nikol and Mar joined forces to level up marketing and business to business sales.


3. Hello USA

eFaqt has been a great success among Dutch students of all education levels. To continue growing, we put our eyes on the Big Apple. Our founder, Christiaan Henny will soon enjoy life overseas in New York, where he and the eFaqt team will work on putting eFaqt on the international map of top notch edtech companies.


4. More and better content
eFaqt contains over 5 million flashcards and notes, and more than 10 000 study materials created by awesome students. However, eFaqt does not simply aim to have all the summaries, but to have the best summaries! In 2016, we will start publishing certified content from the best content publishers in the world.


5. High school students on board
It made us very happy to see that in 2015 thousands of high school students joined eFaqt. Besides college students and adult learners, now a growing number of high school students study with eFaqt. In fact, almost 40% of all our users comes from high school!


6. Getting social
In the background, we were quietly working on a new feature to make studying social. Our techies at eFaqt created a study network that allows students in eFaqt to connect with friends, school mates and to study together. Excited? Coming soon in January!eFaqt new social feature


7. New Teacher account
We launched a new type of account for professionals in the education sector. Teachers can easily set up courses, invite students, and monitor their learning progress. By introducing the eFaqt B2B Licence for schools and educational institutes, students can enjoy various PRO features in and beyond the class room.


8. Payments made easy
This year eFaqt partnered with Adyen to create a safe and simple payment process for all its PRO users. Besides credits cards, now all payment methods are supported.


9. Wonderful users
In 2015 we reached nearly 100 000 students in the Netherlands! We would like to thank all our users to have studied with us, and we hope to see you back in 2016!


10. The eFaqt team wishes you a happy New Year!

eFaqt team photo

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