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As a teacher you guide your students in eFaqt. You inform them which items to study and provide them with the structure of the materials. By doing so, your students can study successfully in- and outside class. Furthermore, teachers can monitor the process of their students in our dashboard. Today, we will show you how!

1. The Library of the teacher dashboard

In the library, you can have an overview of your courses, books and students.

teacher dashboard elearning efaqt

2. Add study materials

To start your online course, you first add study materials. You can add all sorts of materials. In this case we choose a textbook.

teacher dashboard elearning efaqt


3. Search for a book

In eFaqt, we have the structure of around 10.000 books ready for you. This doesn’t mean your students can read the book, they can just search for the book and import the table of contents and other flashcards and notes. Here, we search for Grey Psychology, and add the book to our “Course 1”

teacher dashboard elearning efaqt
teacher dashboard elearning efaqt

4. Adding students

After adding a book to your course, you can add students as well. At the bottom of the dashboard, you can see that 4 students are already participating, but you can add a lot more of course.

You can add students by sending them an e-mail.
Or even more easily you can copy the course link and share it with them on blackboard, the class board, social media or other places you engage with your students.


teacher dashboard elearning efaqt teacher dashboard elearning efaqt teacher dashboard elearning efaqt

5. Monitor their progress

At the bottom of your dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your students. Per student, you are able to see how many flashcards they have imported, how much time they have spent studying, and how many flashcards they added to the course. You can create this overview per course or per class, whichever you prefer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.41.32

6. Watch this tutorial

Ready to teach digitally? With our eFaqt Teacher dashboard you can invite your students to study your course and upload and share content with them. In turn, your students can exchange their study material easily and you can monitor their progress as they practice!  Create a new account in one minute! logo



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