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Which study skills will eFaqt help me develop?

eFaqt is different than most study tools because it is not based on one popular method or way of learning: it helps you become more successful at studying by improving a whole range of study habits. eFaqt helps you to develop and apply the following study skills:  

1. Learning to structure and organise

Keep an eye on the structure to understand how your material is put together and how the content is organized. Check the Reading guide and the Table of Contents before you study a new unit of your material. It helps you understand the main ideas of the unit, and their relationship.

Why? When you study something new, you should learn the main ideas first. After doing so, you study the details. This top-down approach helps you to understand your study material faster, because your mind constantly compares the supporting details to the main concepts that you already are familiar with.

2. Reading and writing better 

Separate important points from secondary issues. Summarise your material with short notes and flashcards. This helps you understand what is truly important in your material. Flashcards are especially efficient, because when you ask questions about the text, you naturally check whether you understand what you have read or not.

Why? Summarizing terms, definitions and concepts in your own words or with self-made illustrations boosts your learning and retention, as it makes you extract the core meaning of the material.

3. Stronger and faster memory

Use our Review mode to answer flashcards, find missing key-words, and learn from other students’ summaries. Understanding different ways of phrasing shows you whether you really understand the core of a topic.

Why? Active learning includes every form of studying that requires more mental effort than just reading e.g. rephrasing, applying, exemplifying or explaining things to others. This type of active retrieval is very effective for memorisation, because you do not simply recognize answers but you recall them from inside of your memory.

4. Time management

Set your study session time for 50 minutes studying and 10 minutes break for optimal results. If you struggle to maintain your attention, try the Pomodoro technique with 25 minutes long sessions and 5-10 minutes breaks.

Why? If you are constantly studying the same material for long hours, the material is no longer being registered by your brain as important. Since the brain responds to new impressions, taking study breaks will enable you to stay conscious about what you are memorizing.

5. Motivation

eFaqt sends you automatic email reminders when you study session is due: after 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

Why? Spaced repetition means that you review and practice a material in different study sessions, for example a few hours or days later. A number of studies have found that time lags between study sessions boost learning. The more you repeat, the better you can recall information.

6. Focusing

Use the Concentration monitor when you are likely to get distracted and browse unrelated websites (cat pictures, Facebook etc.). eFaqt starts “buzzing” when you stop being active for too long.

Why? Learning new things efficiently requires focus and undivided attention. Unlike in the “diffused” learning mode where you use a casual, relaxed approach to come up with novel ideas, you use a “focused” mode to learn ideas, concepts that are at least somewhat familiar to you.

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