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What is eFaqt?

eFaqt in a nutshell

eFaqt is an online studytool that helps students study better by creating, exchanging and reviewing the best summaries. Students can create summaries from a variety of study materials such as text books, articles, other summaries, class notes, etc. These summaries consist of simple to edit and shareable pieces: flashcards, notes and mindmaps.

eFaqt helps students structure the content of the summaries and let them review it in an active way. Pro users also get a lot of additional support: planning study sessions, breaks and reviews to optimize their retention and concentration.

Users in eFaqt form a community around each study material (book, article, etc) and it allows all users who study the same materials to share and import flashcards and notes.

Why was eFaqt created?

eFaqt is developed because the process of studying materials is rarely efficient for most students. It requires trained skills to read, process and review lots of information in such a way that students remember and understand it as fast as possible. We believe that studying is a skill that can be a learned when you know how it works.  

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