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How do I use eFaqt as a teacher?

eFaqt helps students study better by allowing them to actively apply different principles from the science of studying. For students that rarely learn anything about how to study, eFaqt is a huge step to better learn from what you teach in your classes.

Teaching with eFaqt in a nutshell

1) Add your course to eFaqt, add the respective study materials, and share it with your students

2) Suggest to your students to take notes in eFaqt during your classes

3) Encourage students to exchange their notes and flashcards and actively discuss each other’s summaries

4) Monitor how your students organize and make sense of the information they learn in your class Let’s get started!

1. Make a teacher account

First, create an account on eFaqt as a teacher. Once you sign up, you will land into the “Library”. The library is the place to overview and manage your courses, materials and students. teacher dashboard elearning efaqt

2. Add study materials

To start your course, you first need to add study materials. You can add all sorts of materials. In this case below we chose a textbook. teacher dashboard elearning efaqt  

3. Search for a book

In eFaqt, you can search for existing book summaries for appr. 200.000 books. This doesn’t mean you or your students can read the book in eFaqt, but you and the students can make use of flashcards and notes already prepared by other users. Of course, you can decide to start from scratch and add an “empty” book. teacher dashboard elearning efaqt Once you added the book, presentation slide, article, handout etc. of your choice, you can start creating flashcards and notes, and/ or invite you students so that they will create the summary.

4. Adding students

After adding a book to your course, you can add students as well. At the bottom of the dashboard, you can see how many students are already participating, and you can always add more students or even colleagues of course. You can add students via their e-mail address or by directly showing them the link to the material you created. teacher dashboard elearning efaqt teacher dashboard elearning efaqt

5. Monitor their progress

At the bottom of your dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your students. Per student, you are able to see how many flashcards and notes they have imported, how much time they have spent studying, and how many flashcards they added to the course. Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.41.32

6. Watch this tutorial


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