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Can summaries be shared with others?

Study together on and share your summaries with your friends! In eFaqt you can invite friends, classmates and other users to work on the same summary. In addition, you can organize your contacts in different ways. Here is how you do it!

1. Invite friends to your summary

It’s convenient to share your summaries with your friends and classmates because, chances are, you’re following the same courses. Open the summary that you would like to share with a friend. Once opened, you are redirected to your summary. At the right side of the blue box there is”Add friend”, click on it. 

Can summaries be shared eFaqt

Can summaries be shared eFaqt

As the picture above illustrates, a pop-up will appear. Within this pop-up it is possible to send people you know directly to your summary! Thats not all, when you share your summary with someone who is not a member of eFaqt yet and he/she subscribes, you get a free month of eFaqt Unlimited!

2. Find your community’s summaries

Next to your name at the top right of your screen there is the menu symbol. When you click on it a dropdown menu will appear which shows the word community. After you’ve clicked on it, a new dashboard will appear.

How do I share my summary? eFaqt 2

How do I find related summaries? eFaqt

After you’ve entered the new dashboard. You can look for summaries in different ways. You can check your community, friends, teachers and favorites to see their summaries! At the right it’s also possible to select courses and materials you want summaries for, this ways it’s easier to find the summary you’re looking for.

When you’ve found the person you want to see a material from, you click on his picture and you’re forwarded straight to the materials in his library. Here you can add whole courses or just a single piece of material to your own library so you won’t have to search for it next time. Another possibility is to just look at the material once to make sure it is what you are looking for.

Community screen eFaqt

Community screen eFaqt

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