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Quick Guide: Getting started with eFaqt

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

This article shows you how to make, find and study your summaries with eFaqt in 5 simple steps!

Step 1: What would you like to study?

Let’s say you are taking 5 courses this semester. You might also have different books, articles, slides to study for every course. That can get a bit confusing?? Don’t panic, in eFaqt you can organize your study materials per course. Lets start!

1. Set up a course

Create a course from scratch, or check whether your course already exists in the eFaqt Community. The good thing about joining an existing course is that you can find summaries already prepared by others. Of course, you can also decide to skip this step.

2. Add a material to summarise

In eFaqt you can study all kinds of study materials. Most students summarize their own text books, lectures notes and slides. You can also add materials made by other students.

Step 2: Create your summary

Create flashcards with questions and answers or simply make notes with keywords! You can format and add images to your flashcards anytime!  Creating your own summaries has a huge benefit. When you use your own words to summarize a topic or definition, you have a much easier time to actually memorize it!

Example flashcard:

Example note:


Step 3: Study session settings (PRO feature)

This is your journey, so you decide how much you want to study, and we make sure that you get the most out of the time you spend studying.

Step 4: Practice your summary

Congratulations, you are ready with your summary. Now it is time to study! With the eFaqt Practice tool you can review your summaries in a super smart way. You will remember more in a shorter period of time!

Try our Practice app: Download from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android!

Step 5: See your results

Of course you want to see your results after your hard work. These results are shown directly after your test.

Now, are you ready to get good grades?!

What did you think of the first steps? Let us know! Send an email to and we are happy to help you get started and improve eFaqt with you feedback!

Join the community with 100.000+ awesome students worldwide, and study smarter today!

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