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How do I make a note?

1. Choose a study material

As you might know, you can study anything on eFaqt. Lets say you want to make notes for a text book. In the table of contents, you can choose the part of the book you want to start studying.

2. Choose the “Note tab” to start taking notes

Now you will be directed to the window where you can start typing your content. To take notes, remember to click the Note tab button pointed out by the red arrow, as the opening screen is a flashcard tab. When you finish a particular segment of your lecture notes, and you want to visually divide your topics, hit ‘TAB’, to start a new note or simply click the “save” button.

Using the toolbar on the notes, you can easily edit the notes by making things bold, italic, underlined, or another colour. It is also possible to add bulletpoints and numbers, and even images from your PC or directly from google.

How do I make notes eFaqt

How do I make notes eFaqt


3. Select the notes you want to practice

By clicking on “Practice My Summary”, you can practice all notes. First, you select which chapters or units you want to practice. You can practice everything at once or practice notes (and flashcards) of one particular section of your material. Furthermore, you can choose to shuffle the order and choose to view the structure of your book while you practice.


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