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How do I make a mindmap?

Mindmaps bring colour to your study sessions and are an amazing tool to strenghten your memory! Mindmaps help you to visualise the structure of your content. Making mindmaps, helps you see how different concepts are related to each other. That is why mindmapping is highly effective for students who are visually set: meaning they think in images! In eFaqt, you can easily make mindmaps online and open them everywhere.

1. Open your study material

Open an existing summary or create a new one to get started.

2. The first branches of your mindmaps

mindmaps elearning eFaqt studyIn the middle of the screen, you see the title of your material, which is the main subject of your mindmap. From here, you can drag a node to the side of your screen. A node is like a branch: It is a smaller part of a bigger subject. Very comparable to the structure of your book. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend using the structure of your book! Maybe the first chapter of this book is called “Parts of the Human Brain”. So that is how we name the first node. mindmaps elearning eFaqt studymindmaps elearning eFaqt study

3. More detailed nodes

After this first node, list the details that belong to this node. Here, I have listed the parts of the human brain. After that, I have started listing the functions of those parts. You see how the nodes get more detailed the further they are from the centre? That is how you create structure. mindmaps elearning eFaqt studymindmaps elearning eFaqt study

4. Edit your mindmaps colourfully

In the toolbar top right, you can edit your nodes with colours and images from google. With colourful editing, you emphasise the structure of your content. This clarifies how concepts are related to each other. mindmaps elearning eFaqt study mindmaps elearning eFaqt study

5. Check this tutorial

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