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Who can use eFaqt?


Did you ever learn how to study? We’re guessing probably not – in fact, we’re pretty sure you didn’t. That’s why, if you are studying something, eFaqt can help you do it much better!

Students of any age, education level, or study type can use eFaqt to create, exchange and review summaries while improving their study skills.

eFaqt is most fitting for:


  • Primary school students – Children get started with studying in the best way possible, by nurturing important life skills right from the beginning. By making studying an interactive experience with mindmaps and reviewing tools, the pupils can grow to love and enjoy learning.

  • High school students – Young students learn how to make the most out of their study time while they confidently prepare for key exams, including entry exams for their dream university.

  • University students – University students often have to cope with highly advanced study materials while they have to manage their education fully independently. eFaqt is an ideal tool for them to manage their transition from high school and ensure they succeed at their studies.

  • Teachers – Educators of any level can use eFaqt to prepare study materials for their students, which the students can study at home individually or in the class room together. eFaqt allows a variety of creative way to teach: manage underperforming students, let your best students shine, flip the class room or help your students self-test their knowledge.

  • Parents – eFaqt offers an interactive tool that is fun and engaging, which ensures that your child can study in the best possible way outside the classroom, even when you are not there to help.

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