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Summary - Engels Class notes

  • 1402351200 Onregelmatige werkwoorden (HA3C)

  • Zijn
    To be, was/were, been
  • Worden
    To become, became, become
  • Beginnen

    To begin, began, begun
  • Buigen
    To bend, bent, bent
  • Wedden
    To bet, bet, bet
  • Bijten
    To bite, bit, bitten
  • Breken

    To break, broke, broken
  • Fokken

    To breed, bred, bred
  • Brengen
    To bring, brought, brought
  • Uitzenden

    To broadcast, broadcast, broadcast
  • Bouwen
    To build, built, built
  • Branden
    To burn, burnt, burnt
  • Kopen
    To buy, bought, bought
  • Vangen
    To catch, caught, caught
  • Kiezen
    To choose, chose, chosen
  • Komen

    To come, came, come
  • Kosten
    To cost, cost, cost
  • Knippen, snijden
    To cut, cut, cut
  • Doen

    To do, did, done
  • Trekken, tekenen
    To draw, drew, drawn
  • Drinken
    To drink, drank, drunk
  • Rijden, besturen
    To drive, drove, driven
  • Eten
    To eat, ate, eaten
  • Vallen
    To fall, fell, fallen
  • Voelen

    To feel, felt, felt
  • Vechten
    To fight, fought, fought
  • Vinden
    To find, found, found
  • Vliegen
    To fly, flew, flown
  • Vergeten
    To forget, forgot, forgotten
  • (Be)vriezen
    To freeze, froze, frozen
  • Krijgen

    To get, got, gotten
  • Geven
    To give, gave, given
  • Gaan

    To go, went, gone
  • (Op)groeien
    To grow (up), grew (up), grown (up)
  • Hebben
    To have, had, had
  • Hangen
    To hang, hung, hung
  • Horen
    To hear, heard, heard
  • Verstoppen
    To hide, hid, hidden
  • Slaan, raken

    To hit, hit, hit
  • (Vast)houden

    To hold, held, held
  • Pijn doen
    To hurt, hurt, hurt
  • Houden
    To keep, kept, kept
  • Weten, kennen
    To know, knew, known
  • Leren

    To learn, learnt, learnt
  • Verlaten, achterlaten
    To leave, left, left
  • Verliezen
    To lose, lost, lost
  • Maken
    To make, made, made
  • Bedoelen, betekenen
    To mean, meant, meant
  • Ontmoeten

    To meet, met, met
  • Betalen
    To pay, paid, paid
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