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To encourage collaboration, we created a study network on eFaqt! Since last week, eFaqt users can find friends, classmates and other people who study the same course a lot more easily. Also, if they friend and favourite somebody on eFaqt, they can filter for content created by that user. Apart from the advantages of this feature, it is important to highlight the reason for its existence. Why does studying in 2016 call for features that encourage collaboration?

studying together with efaqt collaboration

As contemporary students are keen on learning in their own environment at their own pace, it is important to encourage collaboration, so learning remains a social activity. Excluding collaboration in a learning process is not productive: For centuries, students have not learned without a teacher, nor have they learned without each others input. As technology is rapidly developing and becoming inseparable from our educational system, a so-called ‘social intervention’ is necessary. Here is why collaboration is essential to learning:

A network of different explanations

One important reason for social studying is practicing with alternative explanations. Often, we find that students understand their own summary or explanation, but become very confused when it comes to practicing questions and summaries made by others. It is especially the case when a student thinks he or she already understood the fundamentals. However, being able to comprehend their own explanation of the content as well that of others, is an absolute must for mastering the subject and passing the exam.

In turn, we often find that students can’t understand a particular method or the explanations provided by teacher or peers in the classroom. In those cases, having access to a network that provides with many alternative explanations, is key to help them acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to pass the exam. Facilitating a web of explanations is important to those who need help, and to those who need to be challenged. Collaboration is the foundation of such a network.

Preparing for the future

As one of the main purposes of education is to prepare students for future employment, collaboration is impossible to exclude from contemporary learning. In employment situations, student are required to cope with coworkers who exceed their capabilities and from whom they must learn. In turn, they might have to teach necessary skills to others who have less expertise. All in all, students should able to understand others and make themselves understood. We hope that eFaqt users can benefit from the study network, and challenge themselves and others to excel!

Collaboration learning efaqt study tool network flashcards


Are your students collaborating already? With our eFaqt Teacher dashboard you can invite your students to study your course and upload and share content with them. In turn, your students can exchange their study material easily and you can monitor their progress as they practice!  Create a new account in one minute! logo



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