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When comparing contemporary education to education a century ago, you cannot ignore the huge difference in classrooms. Many technological, social and cultural changes have led to an educational system that is incomparable to what it used to be, and ever changing day by day. As students nowadays are increasingly becoming hard-core digital natives, a teacher of today is ought to adapt to this new and exciting world where information is accessible everywhere.

Digital natives require a Teacher of Today

who is aware of the rapid changes our modern-day students go through, and is ready to change the classroom accordingly.

Of course, the core of teaching remains the same.

Every teacher is ought to, and continues to be committed to the development of their students, well-prepared before every class, an excellent narrator and communicator and open for questions. However, the aforementioned categories consist of entities that have now altered and are in need of a new interpretation.

teacher of today

Our digitally native students are keen on their own time, environments, methods, tools and sources of information. This is how they optimize their capabilities individually. Their procedures are not always similar to that of their fellow students, which is why a lot of work is done remotely and in their own specific environments and ways that match their personal preferences.

How does a Teacher of Today adjust to students who seem to have such scattered routines, interests, preferences and ways of optimizing their achievement and performances? We have listed 5 fundamental characteristics every contemporary teacher should have to teach effectively in this dynamic era.

1. Innovative

competitionModern day teachers are early adapters of tools and methods that can potentially enhance the quality of their classes. Knowing about novelty is one thing, but adapting is another. Acknowledging and trusting developments is a must.


2. Encourages self-paced learning

Teachers of Today encourage their students to learn at their own pace, using their own methods. Not all who wonder are lost! The fundamental goal of teaching is that students are able to understand and apply particular concepts. The way they get to that understanding is mostly shaped and guided by a teacher, but also their own choice and responsibility. Giving students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and preference can hugely enhance their performances. Besides, a combination of learning dependently and independently is a good reflection of what their future education and occupation is like.

PS. Read more on the Flipped Classroom System where students learn at their own pace outside the class, and apply in group discussions lead by a teacher of today.

teacher of today mindmaps online digitally elearning3. Tech Enthusiasts

Contemporary teachers acknowledge the abundance of opportunities that technology can bring to the classroom. They are enthused by tablets, laptops and whiteboards and any tech-tools that provide possibility to learn in a new way. Allowing and encouraging tech in classrooms facilitates important possibilities such as e-learning, study-apps, online courses, alternative explanations and rehearsal. Tech is indissolubly linked to self-paced learning.


4. Openness

Todays teachers are open to input, constructive criticism and debate with and from their students and colleagues. This encourages positive developments within teaching, and facilitates continuous and gradual educational adaptation when needed.

5. Efficient

Modern day teachers are highly efficient. Any successful innovative idea of today is characterised by efficiency. Our students are driven by clear, decluttering fast-paced products and ideas. Our way of teaching should reflect this. That is why we developed the eFaqt Teacher Dashboard. In our teacher dashboard, you can upload your own course material, import the structure of books, add students to your course and monitor their progress. Furthermore, you provide a flexible, interactive environment for your students to learn in a self-paced manner, and you stimulate independency.


Ready to teach digitally? With our eFaqt Teacher dashboard you can invite your students to study your course and upload and share content with them. In turn, your students can exchange their study material easily and you can monitor their progress as they practice!  Create a new account in one minute! logo


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