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On some days you’d think there is no possibility whatsoever you could have anything in common with your teacher. Many of us might occasionally be very cheeky to our teachers. However, these examples show you, you probably ain’t seen nothing yet. Don’t underestimate the powers of your potentially hilarious teacher!

  1. This teacher sure knows his/her memes while correcting exams!


  1. No reason to make anatomy assignments boring – way to go teacher!


  1. Ha! Smartass.


  1. When the right group of teachers find your iPhone, you might just end up with a free fabulous new wallpaper!

  1. This is the right way to point out spelling mistakes on tests! And to teach your students about the difficulties when it comes to killing cereals.

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  1. Beautiful collision between interests of contemporary students and the interests of their teachers 


  1. History teacher stays true to himself in the yearbook.


  1. Okay, this one might have been the janitor, but SO TRUE!


  1. More teacher/yearbook epicness.


  1. Right back at ya, student!


  1. Some refreshing homework for a change!

 blog grappig leraarrb

  1. Any smart teacher could make a bit of extra money during the parent-teacher conference!


  1. Lastly: Don’t take Ms. Lili for stupid when texting your bae!

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