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Samenvatting - Class notes - Cursus Engels

  • 1409868000 05/09/2014

  • Green House gas
  • fossil energy
  • plant wood
  • CO2 reductions
  • behavioral change
  • international cooperation
  • population growth
  • financial costs
  • mitigation climate
  • Africa Asia Development
  • 1409954400 Article Hawaii

  • recovering recent tropical storm
  • lava of Kaoke Homestead
  • flow from watch to warning
  • difficult predicting by changes lava volume
  • how lava enters
  • evacuation when clear
  • restrict acces
  • county workers door-to-door
  • other comunnities
  • stay away
  • helicopter tours
  • observatory's scientist
  • two previous flows faster
  • Summary
    Rural Hawaii residents still recovering from a recent tropical storm. Lava of Koake Homesteads possibility reach the community in five to seven days. The flow is difficult to predicting through changes lava volume and how lava enters. Evacuation is unclear, but residents can leave safely through to restrict access to roadways. County workers knows how many people will be evacuate. Residents won't be leave through their own appealing place. Observatory's scientist says the current flow moves faster by two previous flows.
  • Perfect Hidde
  • 1410818400 What it means to buy a company stock?

  • shares/stocks
  • part owner of company
  • bonds
  • part lender to the company
  • pay us back
  • borrow
  • liabilities= vreemd vermogen
  • owner's equity
  • assets=linkerkant van balans, bezittingen van het bedrijf
  • market cap
  • Summary
    You are a part owner of company when you buy shares. When you pay bonds, you are a part lender of the company. Owner's equity can you calculate with assets minus borrowing capital. The difference between market cap of the stock and the bookvalue of the stock in the company displays the market value  of the shares. 
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