Break time!

Break time is over!


Study with flashcards, notes
and mindmaps. Have breaks
and reviews planned.
Studying is a trick, if only you know how
I discovered @eFaqt! A study tool that helps you to study. Bought it for my kid and I stimulate my students to use.

Study smarter. Remember it all.

Better grades with eFaqt

Better grades

At eFaqt we’ve cracked studying, and designed a system that helps you create and review your materials to get the grades you want.

More free time with eFaqt

More free time

We know you have a life. That’s why eFaqt helps you to study more efficiently so you can spend more time doing what you love. Of course, if you love studying, we’ll let you carry on.

Feel productive with eFaqt

Feel productive

We all know that feeling of satisfaction after completing a task. With eFaqt, each minute studying is super productive. It feels good to know it all, doesn't it?

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Better Grades

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Improve your students’ test scores and study skills. We make studying so simple and fun that students actually want to study. Let us help you get started.

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