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As a student it might be difficult to manage all the things you want to do. eFaqt stores your summaries online, so you always have them with you even when you are on the go or switching devices!

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Sometimes it is easy to get distracted when you try to study, especially when a subject is not really exciting. eFaqt helps you to stop wasting time and keep an effective and healthy schedule!  

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eFaqt helps you to create and find top quality summaries, and build the confidence and skills you need to ace even the most difficult courses! Search summaries

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Being able to create my materials online instead of hard, paper copies made the process of studying so much smoother and quicker. No longer did I have to spend a huge amount of my time on creating my summaries. Regan


I am very satisfied with eFaqt, it works perfectly for me. Before eFaqt I had a lot of stress with learning. I never got grades above 6.5. The first grade I got for my exam after studying with eFaqt was an 8.9. Since that all my grades are above 7. Frenky


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